The Modern Dinosaur Consortium

A New Trio for Flute (Piccolo), Clarinet (Bass Clarinet), and Bassoon

In early 2021, a video chat with my nephew led to the writing of my first Zoological Suite, Apex Predator, for bass clarinet and bassoon. The work premiered to acclaim at the Tutti 2022 New Music Festival in Dennison, Ohio. My enjoyment writing this piece, included with my love of zoos, led to the idea to write more of these suites.

In my second Zoological Suite, Modern Dinosaur, for Flute, Bb-Clarinet and Bassoon, I explore animals classified as “Living Fossils.” The opening movement depicts the African Lungfish, encased in its muddy cocoon during the brutal dry season, re-emerging during the wet season. The second, Alligator and Kingfishers, shows the oft violent interaction of these two species in the Florida Everglades. The third, Shoebill Stork, depicts an animal that truly looks like a fossil. This stork is the world’s largest bird of flight, flying only the length of a football field. It also has a distinct call which feels alien coming from this bizarre creature. The final movement, Aardvark, depicts nature best excavator, heartedly digging through the night, with his massive claws.

This piece will be completed in Fall 2022 and is looking for groups to share in the creative process. Participants in the consortium will get to be a part of the piece. All participants will receive digital copies of the score by October 15, 2022, autographed physical copies of the score, as well as discussions/coachings by the composer. All participants will also be recognized in printed score that will be available to the public on September 1, 2023.

The cost to participate is $100 per participant/participating group, with payment accepted via PayPal or check.

To participate, please contact me martin.vanklompenberg(at)