Bixby Walks Alone, for two marimbas/four players


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…You watch as a man walks alone, along a deserted rural highway. He is aware
that danger is out there, but for this moment, the peril is far enough away to let his
guard down….maybe….

The pages of the comic book super “hero,” The Incredible Hulk, have always been
among my favorites. I am personally one of the great defenders of the character’s
films. And, as a child, I loved re-runs of the The Incredible Hulk television show.
Bixby Walks Alone is the musical intersection of this love. Inspired by the tragic,
lonely ending of each episode of the television series, as well as the intense,
expositive opening credits sequence of the 2008 film, I sat down and created the
minimalist engine that drives this piece. Originally conceived for bassoon quartet,
the opportunity to write a work for the Heartland Marimba Quartet allowed me to
flesh out this feeling of tension even further.