Meme Engine, for solo flute


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The inspiration for MEME Engine began in the same way that all great inspiration happens: By
procrastinating ono the internet. Struggling to find a jumping off point, I turned to the internet in
hopes for a spark, and instead ended up on Reddit looking at the daily viral internet. For
unknown reasons, this was the inspiration I needed, and I turned to old school memes, and
decided to write a collection of short character pieces based on the origin of some of my

Success Kid is based upon the internet’s favorite fist-pumping toddler. I imagined my nephew,
Georgie when he was three, and once stayed in continuous movement for nearly ten hours. I was
exhausted watching him, and his frenetic energy is the driving inspiration. The performer is
instructed to play this just “within control,” meaning that one click faster on the metronome
could bring it to a crashing halt.

Annoyed Picard is based upon a single screenshot of the syndicated classic Star Trek: The Next
Generation. Although this meme is shows frustration, the shot in questions is actually famed
Shakespearean actor, Patrick Stewart, quoting Shakespeare in a vain attempt to woo one of his
crewmates away from an evil alien species. I thought it only fitting to write a simple melodic
melody, fitting for the words of Shakespeare, that slowly morphs into an exciting sci-fi riff.

This is fine is based on the single panel that is synonymous with the worst possible situations. A
dog drinks tea in a room slowly filling with flames. The truth is that all isn’t well, and in the final
three panels of the comic strip, the room slowly is engulfed in flames and the dog melts. I wanted
to show the chaos and destruction of this comic strip by taking the same melody and distorting it
past the point of comfort. Of course, the movement has to end with the joke of the meme. (Sing
along the words “This is fine.”)